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Super Skill Workshop

Super Skill Workshop @Kreowledge

Hello to all the parents out there, who enquired about the Super skill Workshop that is going to be conducted in Kreowledge Montessori School @ K.K Nagar.
The Workshop is designed in a way to give your children a new dimension of learning. The environment of playfulness will be created in a class and host will make the kids to perform full hands-on experiment on the workshop.

What’s this workshop is about?

Our theme for this workshop is Robotics (STEAM LEARNING) & Arts, Crafts Workshop, and our aim is to install 21st century skills in every child.
We planned to conduct 15 valuable sessions which hold 8 sessions of Arts &Craft Classes and 7 Sessions of Robotic Classes along with 5 Projects each respectively.
This workshop will make your children to experience the joy of learning and we will be like to create the artistic environment that nurtures creativity and self- expression. This is the perfect age for the children to learn the basics for robotics. We make the environment where learning is fun and help the children to indulge in the activity.


The session is likely to be commencing from 15th of August, and there will be free demo session for the Workshop on 10th August arranged in both online as well as directly in our venue to have the clear vision about the workshop.
Every week the child will be having 2 sessions, one on ROBOTICS and one on ART&CRAFT. Each session is 90 min.  We arranged weekend and weekday classes. Children can attend the sessions according to the flexibility.
Weekday Classes are on Monday and Wednesday (4:30-6:00 p.m.)
Weekend Classes are on Friday and Saturday (2:30-4:00 p.m.)

How the children benefits from this Workshop?

·         The Children can come, learn and do the projects, and every project is a takeaway!

·         All the materials for Robotics classes as well for Arts & crafts classes are arranged by us.
  • Students can attend our Reading Workshop ( How to install reading habit in every child)
  • The Parents will get a Montessori Workshop to attend Freely at our Centre
  • Also we have Thirsty brain workshop, Phonics, Spoken Language and Handwriting - The parents can choose to attend any two programs for their children at 30% off on the Fee
  • The Children will have Free review session for Robotics , Arts & Craft projects
  • A video with explanation of your child with the Projects completed will be posted in our Facebook page along with the Certificate of level 1 completion in both robotics and Arts, Crafts Classes.
We are providing all the valuable Skills &Sessions for your Children at a very Affordable Cost!
 The cost of the program is Rs.9000/-, and there will be a perks for some of first few the privileged students offering the cost @ Rs.5500/- only.
NOTE:  If a Child misses a session, Don't Worry we will compensate definitely!
Hurry up and register a seat for your child. Don’t miss this opportunity.

Advantages of Montessori Learning

Advantage of Montessori Education

Montessori Education is a type of education based on self –directed activity that allows them to go on their way along with the teacher guidance. The Montessori has a lead that teachers help to accomplish the aim of each and every child according to their need.

Child with colours on handThey emphasize learning through all the five senses which makes them to stand out from others. The special feature about this type of education is unleashing the children creativity by allowing them to think on their own. Creativity is the most valuable asset one should possess .The major threat is that most of the children are guiding in a structured manner such that they lack their creativity in that process. Recent search result indicates that birth to age three is important stage for children’s brain development .At Montessori children are given activities according to the age and interest that gears brain development, this will cause huge impact on future in their behaviour, confidence ,personality ,and many other aspects and make them to stand apart.

Every child is unique. Interest may vary from one child to another, many of them end up their life without finding what they are capable of, and Montessori Education paves a great way in finding out the interest of the children. 
Give the good start to your children .

Montessori School @K.K Nagar

Montessori School @K.K Nagar

Montessori School is the best place where the children can find their interest which hide inside them. Montessori School follows the motto “FOLLOW THE CHILD”, they allow the children to go on their way and teachers helps the children to follow their interest.

It is the place where learning is fun, and children are encouraged to be the directors of their own study identifying and pursuing projects that interest them.

It enables children to become more confident, independent, self -regulated and self -disciplined.

Children are in a way more mature to start a more structured system by the age of 7. Children brain development occurs between the ages of 0-7 hence it is the important stage for the brain development in children that determines the future of the children.

Nowadays children in this age are using mobile phones from their parents leading to serious issue; they got addicted on it, and may even lead to inappropriate behaviour. They suggest activities which will give parents an idea to engage the child away from digital world.

They helps in child development thus forms the strong foundation of values and knowledge to the child enhancing appropriate discipline attitude allowing them to become masters in each skills.

We at kreowledge Montessori perform activities that help in personality development, language development, cognitive development, sensory motor skills, and creativity development.

Help your child to fly high in life. Montessori is an education for independence preparing not just for school but for life.

                        Think wisely and join your children at Kreowledge Montessori School @ K.K Nagar.

Is Pre-School Education is Very Important ???

Why there are So many Pre-schools .....why is there is so much importance to education at the age 2

Every parent is anxious about choosing the right Pre-School at a very little age, so whether is it important to offer education at this early age ???

Early years from 0 to 7 years is a very special and this is the time where the brain has the highest absorbing capacity in its Whole life. The information we offer to the child at this period is gathered and it controls the intelligence level, emotions, Personality, communication through out their life.

      Education is a natural process which starts with the sharpening of the five senses and this will enhance the child's ability when they are exposed to the world around them by specific learning aids.
Parent should not have the wrong notion about Pre-school because majority of the Parent join their child to preschool with a motive to spend 2 or 3 hours as a preparation to real school or a place where child will learn to socialise, have fun with colours, numbers, rhymes and dance etc....

Actually Preschool education is not to all the basic things it is way much beyond as it is the most important institution in a Child's life. PreSchool is a Place where the right environment is offered to shape the attitudes and abilities of the child which will all of his life's activities. The important point is Life Encoding Principles are engraved during this period.

      Since the Children has enormous ability to absorb and learn during this period of 2 to 6 years, parents should take responsibility to really offer their Child with best of learning environment which is structured and experiential, allowing them to learn on their Pace and keeps them Challenged.

Now in the next article more points to be discussed in Choosing the Right Pre-school!!

Brain Development between 0 to 7 years of age

Is your Child between 0 to 6 years old??? 

That is the most Precious Time !!

No one really know about the importance of this period. This stage of 0 to 6 years is when the brain development is at its peak for every human being. It has been discovered that 80% of the brain development completes before the age of 7 itself by proven educationist Montessori and Glenn doman and many other renounced researchers.

So the Important question is now "How to we best help our children to achieve their full potential of the brain" during this period???"

          In order to answer this we need to understand how a child gathers information during this age?? The main source of information is gathered from its environment using its five senses. Now as an adult we need to expose them to a prepared, structured environment where they can gather appropriate information.
          Popular experts reveal that enriched environment stimulate brain development like a Montessori school environment...Such environment which is clean and equipped with appropriate educational materials will kindle the interest of the child to play with it. This intention to play can be converted into learning process by travelling along with their interest. 

            Now as adults we need to allow the child to have the freedom of choice, allowing them to act independant, to take responsibility and making them an active participant. This active involvement creates the movement and the information is gathered based on such movements. Hence the teacher has to facilitate the child in such a way that such movement is helpful, essential fo learning, to develop their creativity thoughts. 

          Therefore, Education is not what teacher teaches, it is a natural process where trained adult are supportive to children in their natural learning process! Thus the Parent of every children must take care before 7 years of age and expose them to prepared experiential Montessori environment or any such environment which creates the space for child to learn by natural process on their own pace!

Robotics Summer Camp 2018 @ KK Nagar, Chennai

Robotics Summer Camp 2018 @ 

KK Nagar, Chennai

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